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DaCare would provide outstanding administrative support to office-based and remote workers, helping you attain a competitive edge if you are not good at managing office and administrative services.

DaCare is dedicated to change the paradigm in administrative and sales support by moving it from traditional desk-bound delivery to an efficient distributed system offering high-speed response As a result:
Productivity increases
Fixed costs are shifted to a lower, more variable structure
You focus on your core business, with the peace of mind that administration is running smoothly and efficiently.
Our administrative support team provides expert staff, seamless processes and innovative technology in:
Office administration
  Secretarial and clerical services, filing, records management, travel logistics, scheduling, meeting planning, proposal & presentation support, document preparation, customer service support.
Site support
  Mail, shipping & receiving, supplies management, copying, printing, digital imaging, reception.
Creative services
  Presentations, proposals, desktop publishing, layout & design, RFIs/RFPs.
Information management
  Intelligence gathering & sales communications.
Transaction processing
  Data entry, travel & expense reports, purchasing, budget tracking,invoicing, collections, lease & warranty tracking.
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